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Mar 23, 2018

On Monday afternoon, March 19, I was in a very serious accident on Ninth Avenue South in Edmonds, and want to thank everyone who stopped to help me:

The person who called 911; the people who pulled out my belongings from the back of the car to get to me and who talked to me; the nurse who pulled me out of the window, being so very careful; the doctor who examined me for serious injuries and who supported me physically and emotionally until the squad got to the scene.

The efficient and kind medics who arrived quickly and transported me to Swedish Hospital; the police who also arrived quickly and were also caring while doing their jobs; Bryce Inman, MD at Swedish ER; nurses Jenna and Kent, the chaplain who contacted my husband.

The CT and X-ray staff who not only did their jobs, but with compassion; and Ross Sutton, police officer, who came to the hospital to complete his work and who did it with efficiency and kindness. I thank the citizens and professional staffs for their quick responses and care.

Edmonds proved once again that there are kind people willing to help a stranger in a challenging situation. I am well and recovering.

Thanks again.

Judith Siehl


Daffodil thief strikes again

They (I think it's a she) have struck again.

Where Puget Drive and 196th Avenue SW meet, the landscaped islands have succumbed to another daffodil robbery.

My wife Emma and I walked over to do a close inspection of the two landscaped islands leading onto Ninth Avenue North and, to our shock, half of a daffodil planting had been cut and taken home by a selfish person.

I saw her do it last year, and now more than ever I regret not confronting her then.

But, this time I called 911 and made an official police report. Hopefully it will post in the Beacon's Police Beat (or gardening section?) and the dastardly daffodil doer of evil will be shamed and leave our daffodils alone next year.

Glenn Steinberg


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