Response to: A step forward for Edmonds transportation

Apr 20, 2012


Having spent a day in Kent/Auburn recently, I for one do not wish to see the wonderful village  of Edmonds become a "transportation hub" as I observed in Kent/Auburn.

That area has changed drastically and has become a center for crime and trafficking of "goods" of many kinds.

One only needs to spend a couple of hours at any number of establishments there to see criminal activity all over.

I believe there are well over 100 gangs documented in that area.

If I had young children, I for one, would not let them walk unattended in any location in Kent/Auburn, particularily if I had young girls.

Snohomish County right now is just beginning to deal with the feds with a trafficking of humans problem.

Snohomish County is one of only 20 places across the United States that has been given about $490,000. from the Justice Department to deal with its "Trafficking" problem.

The FBI has a map of the United States (anyone can look that up online) with all the transportation interstates in the country, and all the bodies (as red dots) that have shown up along those transportation corridors.

Across the United States "transportation hubs" are the perfect settings for human trafficking, prostitution, trafficking of drugs and "goods."

I would hope that the city of Edmonds does not become beholden to other entities a long way away from our village of Edmonds.

It is a well known fact that certain transportation entities have links to syndicated crime.


Tere Ryder

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