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Oct 24, 2018

Make reporting great again

Re: “Time to stand up for a free press: We’re not the enemy,” Guest View, Oct. 11: Layne Bruce, with all due respect, I must say that most people are not opposed to the news, whether it be good or bad. I believe what many people, including myself are opposed to, is opinionated reporting, deliberating leaving out pertinent facts.

When I took a journalism class in school, our class was told there should be the following items answered in the first paragraph.

They were: Who, what, when, where, why and, if necessary, how. State the facts and leave your opinion out of it. Be objective, and allow the public to form their own opinions.

Sadly, this is no longer the norm. Reporters are leaving important facts out of their articles, which leads the public to draw conclusions and form an opinion based on misleading comments and deleted facts.

Much of the reporting today is merely a forum for loud mouth, opinionated reporters making every attempt to sway the public to see only their side of the story.

Opinions belong on the editorial page. Perhaps, if all news people went back to the basics, our president would not be so angry with many of you. I, for one, would love to see that.

Thank you to the Edmonds Beacon for doing a very good job reporting our local news.

Dawn Malkowski


In support of Initiative 1639

I just don’t get it: Why does the NRA keep saying that we are trying to take their guns away whenever we try to make gun use safer?

We have safety rules that car owners & drivers must follow, but no one has taken away our cars. We have traffic rules for car safety, with penalties for not following them. We also require seat belts, working brake lights, drivers’ education and a minimum driving age.

All these have made driving safer. I-I-1639 is an attempt to establish some rules that will make gun use safer in much the same way. It would establish a minimum age of 21 for semiautomatic weapon purchase, expand background checks, show proof of gun safety training and require safe gun storage.

How does any of this deprive people of guns?

I hope that people will look at the actual wording of Initiative 1639 when they vote, and not accept the misrepresentations from the NRA.

As a grandmother, I value laws that will keep my grandchildren safe. Car safety and gun safety are both important, but in this state, more people are killed with guns than from car accidents.

Marjie Fields


A message about guns for councilmembers

Hi, Edmonds City Council:

I am curious. Did you do research into how many Edmonds citizens, of any age, have been injured or killed due to an owner’s unlocked gun? I can't remember any in my 24 years in Edmonds.

Did you do similar research into how many Edmonds citizens, including kids, have been injured or killed due to an owner’s unlocked car?

I would guess more Edmonds citizens have been injured by owners’ unlocked cars than unlocked guns, if any, in our long history.

It would be interesting to hear about you passing a law that makes car owners lock their vehicles up in a garage whenever their cars are not being driven.

If the numbers prove that unlocked guns have done more damage than unlocked car, I'd say you made the right move and I applaud you.

If not, I'd say you all were just trying to be politically correct and get some publicity for some strange reason.

Thanking you.

Glenn Steinberg


Making America great again

Donald Trump, the United States' tough omnipotent leader, knows what is best for America. As Americans, we do not analyze or oppose his policies and his ideas. He promised to drain the swamp and replace all government positions with the best people, and he is carrying out his promise.

His tweets and speeches keep Americans informed of the enemy we need to destroy: big government, the justice department, the Democrats, the liberals, socialists, Muslims, minorities, Iran, Mexico, Canada, former allies, intellectuals, science, the economic system, technology, weak people, media, individualism, free speech and supporters of global warming.

Trump loves corporations and GOP group think tanks, the NRA, guns, military strength, tradition, coal, oil, a handheld phone, loyalty, dictators, golf, money, banks, real estate, campaigning, white supremacists, lawyers, sexual freedom, walls and unregulated corporations.

Trump vowed to make America great again, and he is doing a tremendous job.

No longer will we have to suffer intellectuals, medical research, public parks, public schools, public universities, public safety departments, public sewer and garbage disposal departments, street cleaners, public hospitals, doctors, teachers, chemists, health care, clean air, water and land, climate control, corporation regulations, fire departments, the media, abortions, sexual accusations by women, civil rights, drug abuse and homeless people,.

We will no longer have to deal with a large government.

We will turn all control over to the military, the police and corporations loyal to Trump. Only Trump's friends will be able to vote. We will isolate our great nation from all the nations cheating us.

We will preserve our white power with our guns and money. God is on our side. America will be great again.

God bless America. Trump’s America.

P.S I am a proud Socialist Democrat, a liberal and a progressive.

Susan Pedersen


I-1631: Already paying fair share of taxes

I would like to urge a “no” vote on I-1631, which is trying to disguise another tax as a less-offensive fee.

I have read through the 38 pages of description, which essentially describes costing consumers over $2.3 billion in the first five years, with gas prices adding 14 cents a gallon in the first year and increasing thereafter.

Washington already has the second highest gas tax of 49.4 cents per gallon.

We have just seen an a an enormous increase in our property taxes over last year, along with a $300 license tab fee for a 2011 Ford, thanks to RTA.

I think we are paying more than our fair share of taxes to a state that does not appear to be very fiscally responsible with the money already flowing into state coffers.

Robert Davis


Support for David Chan

As a retired employee of the PUD, I support David Chan for Snohomish County PUD, Commissioner, District 2.

Chan holds an MBA in Business Finance and is a practicing CPA. He has public board oversight experience, having been elected three times to the board of Fire District One. He offers practical approaches to financial planning, cost control and transparency.

He has led public policy development that includes future planning, customer service, resource allocation and cost controls. As a fire commissioner, David has established himself as an advocate and protector of the environment while striving to ensure protection services can be provided to all areas of the district.

David is committed to thought-out plans for customer needs, employee well being and needed electrical system resources, while protecting the environment. The purchase of electrical power will include a sensible combination of hydro, solar and wind.

Equal sensitivity will be given to PUD water services. This will lead to a good plan that should generate stable rates and better cost controls.

David brings a history of hands-on policy development and cost control and financial coordination. He will work to make the PUD an even better place for PUD employees. He is committed to provide PUD customer owners the best organization possible.

Working with the newly hired PUD general Manager and PUD employees, David’s experience will be invaluable in developing future, practical plans for the PUD and its customer-owners.

I urge for your support and vote for David Chan for PUD Commissioner, District 2.

Ignacio Castro, Jr.


Initiative 1631 would reduce air pollution

I am writing to encourage support for Initiative 1631 on the November general election ballot. This initiative would reduce air pollution and invest in clean air and water programs.

I have had the opportunity as co-chair of the Edmonds Mayors’ Climate Protection Committee to learn a great deal about factors leading to global warming and the actions we can take as community members to either increase Green House Gases (GHG) or to reduce them. Carbon pricing, such as found in this initiative, has been found to be a successful way to reduce GHG.

Because of increasing warming experts predict an increase in precipitation, also, for winter, spring and fall, but a decrease in almost all parts of the region for summer.

Other countries have enacted carbon-pricing systems successfully and had their GHG emissions drop. For instance, countries in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme saw their GHG emissions drop by 8 percent over five years, and Canada is planning to start a national carbon pricing system this year.

Initiative 1631 is a practical and affordable next step in ensuring a safe and clean environment in Washington state for our children and grandchildren.

I find it consistent with both the Climate Change Acton Plan adopted by the Edmonds City Council and with Washington state’s clean air goals.

I-1631 has many of the key elements recommended for any carbon pricing system.

This initiative is needed because, while successful in setting ambitious goals, the Legislature has been unable to pass legislation to accomplish those goals. It is for that reason a broad spectrum of organizations interested in environmental and public health have come together in support of this initiative.

I know that the opponents criticize this initiative as a regressive tax. However, the initiative takes specific steps to be fair to residents of Washington state, specifically workers in carbon producing industries and low-income communities.

As the organizers point out, this is a fee rather than a tax because funds collected go directly towards solving the problem of pollution and the fee is paid by the biggest corporate polluters.

Is it perfect? Probably not. But the time for delay has long passed.

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. It is incumbent on us to start to heal the impacts of years of industrialization so that we can pass along to the next generations a world they can live and flourish in.

Cynthia Pruitt


Big oil and I-1631

I’m getting really upset by all the ads from oil companies lying about Initiative 1631. You have to look carefully to see the brief, small print notice of who pays for those ads that pretend to be protecting Washington citizens.

Those oil companies have already spent $22 million to fight this initiative. Obviously, they are doing this to save themselves money, not us.

The purpose of 1631 is to take some much-needed steps toward clean energy. Look at who is supporting 1631: The Nature Conservancy, King County Academy of Family Physicians, Physicians for Social Responsibility, The Union of Concerned Scientists, and the League of Women Voters, to name just a few.

When you compare that list of supporters to the list of those against the initiative, it becomes very clear that this is a fight between oil profits and a healthy environment for the rest of us. Which side will you vote for?

Kathleen Sears









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