Rent increases excessive and unfair | Letter

Apr 01, 2017

I am not a resident of Edmonds, but I do participate in many activities in the city, including being a parishioner at Holy Rosary Church. I have often wondered what the city of Edmonds is doing to correct its lack of affordable and low-income housing?

Housing that at one time seemed a viable alternative to the rapidly rising housing cost in Seattle is now displacing families due to excessive and unfair increase of monthly rents.

Are we saying that these individuals who work for minimum wage or possibly a few dollars more are not worthy or shouldn't live within our midst?

These individuals are the core of our society. Not everyone is fortunate enough to earn a degree and make a "livable" wage. These individuals, the same as all of us, want better for themselves and their families.

Some have worked all their lives at being productive individuals, and now just want to live in a safe and welcoming environment. Do we say, thank you for what you do and have done in our community, but you can't afford to live in our neighborhoods?

I think it's time for the beautiful city of Edmonds to stand and say, yes in my backyard, as other Snohomish County cities have already done.

Carmen Flores


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