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Real estate’s best father/daughter team turns their clients into family

Mar 14, 2017
Courtesy of: Jim Fulmer Jim Fulmer and his daughter Heather double up to bring home buyers and sellers quality service. They have been called Puget Sound’s best father/daughter team in real estate.

Jim Fulmer and his daughter Heather are successful real estate brokers with Coldwell Banker Bain right here in Edmonds.  Jim, the lead agent of the team, has been selling real estate since 2009.  His energy comes from satisfied clients and their referrals.

Jim’s approach to business is guided with the same philosophy as the famous basketball coach, John Wooden. Back in the day, Jim was a big fan of UCLA’s coach Wooden, the “Wizard of Westwood.”

Coach Wooden won 10 NCAA championships in 12 seasons. This winning record was tremendous, but it was Wooden’s philosophy that fascinated Jim.  For Wooden, it was all about the process and fundamentals.  Wooden knew that it was the execution of the right processes and skills that brings the greatest results over time.

Jim has set their standard based on years of successful real estate transactions and rave client reviews.  Of course, whether their clients are home buyers or sellers, the Fulmer team knows the goal is a successful sale. Being process-driven has allowed them to guide clients through what is often the biggest financial transaction of their lives.  Their calm, organized approach removes the anxiety and unknowns.

Jim made a career change in 2009 following his wife Coralynne’s career path as a Realtor.  With the focus on successful processes, Jim managed to build a career in the country’s worst recession since the Great Depression, growing it by 400 percent between 2010 and today.  Then, after a couple years, as his career was taking off, she took the opportunity to retire.

Fulmer took the lessons he learned from his wife, hired a real estate coach, and began building his own process-oriented approach based on that of coach Wooden.  “I have an athletic background myself,” Fulmer said.  As an old athlete, he understands practice, repetition, adjustments, focus and desire.  All very important to the success of his clients

Fulmer fine-tunes his business plan – which only some 10 percent of real estate agents even have – to ensure he will give clients the best service possible.  Working with his real estate coach weekly, Jim stays focused on the needs of his clients and the challenges they face.

It’s all about the process and consistency.  Every morning when he sits at his desk, he faces three computer screens, one of which shows a calendar that keeps him to a rigorous schedule so that he’s always moving toward his goals, from serving his clients and studying the market to planning his community outreach.

Having worked successfully with his wife, Jim was happy to bring another member of his family on board, his daughter Heather.  Edmonds residents knew her well when she was a front-end supervisor at the Westgate QFC. Much loved by customers and co-workers alike, she is greeted fondly when she’s back in the store, these days as a customer herself.

Three years ago, after 17 years in the grocery field, Heather said she was ready for a career change, and obtained her real estate license. She said the people skills she acquired during her first career have transferred smoothly to her new profession.

“I just love people,” she said. “Getting to know people, finding out what they want and helping them get that, it becomes a big, family-like environment. And I thrive in that.”

Heather Fulmer said her decision to enter real estate was the right one.  “I can see myself doing this a long time,” she said. “And it’s a pleasure working with my dad.”  Jim Fulmer is happy to have a family member back in the business, too, helping him fine-tune a successful approach to real estate.

The Fulmer partnership is now known in the industry as Puget Sound’s best father/daughter team in real estate.  “Our community involvement makes a difference,” Jim said.  They are more than business people in the community; they live here.  The Fulmers are active in a range of community activities, including the Art Walk, 4th of July Parade, Taste of Edmonds and more.

It’s no wonder why the Fulmer Team is so successful.  It seems like they treat everyone like a best friend.  With their organized, process-driven approach, the team brings a casual, friendly demeanor to their interactions with clients that calms what can sometimes be stressful and confusing.

They always start with a meeting to fully understand the needs of their clients, explore options that satisfy their goals and explain potential outcomes.  The team helps buyers and sellers manage expectations.  The end result being everyone walks away happy – including the Fulmers.

Heather Fulmer said they take time to explain the process, going over paperwork and explaining each step, so that when a potential sale is on the table, neither buyer nor seller faces any surprises.  Jim assures clients he’ll always be upfront with them, never promise them unachievable goals, but will “work his butt off” for them.

The current housing market is challenging for buyers, sellers and agents.  The Fulmers know that buyers and sellers have many choices when they look for an agent to represent them. Ultimately, everyone is looking for someone who is effective and, more importantly, deserving of their trust in this complicated process.

Potential clients naturally ask Jim, “Why should I work with you?” But those who know and have worked with Jim and Heather say, based on the structure of their business and caring interactions, the question should be, “Why would you work with anyone else?”

“We are good at what we do,” Jim Fulmer said.  “The results are not by accident.”  John Wooden would approve.

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