Re: Port redevelopment Of Harbor Square

By Larry Beard | Jul 24, 2012


As someone who both works and lives in Edmonds, I am sending a letter to the Beacon in support of the Port of Edmonds plan to redevelop Harbor Square.

Our waterfront is desperately in need of redevelopment to create a place where residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty and unique setting that Edmonds has to offer, and the City is desperately in need of the expanded tax revenue that it will generate.

I know we will hear the same complaints that always arise regarding blocked views because the planned changes include buildings up to five stories.  But, this really should be a nonissue.

The development will be down in flats by the marsh, so it will only affect (and not ruin) the view of very few homes, and in return the city as a whole gets a new neighborhood, more open space and public access, marsh restoration, more local businesses, and an expanded tax base.

The Port is proposing a well balanced development that will help revitalize our city without sacrificing its unique, small seaside town feel that brought most of us here.

The Port has followed an open and inclusive process that is endorsed by the City’s Economic Development Commission.

We all lose if the City bases its decision on the loud, vocal minority that opposes any viable development in Edmonds and whose response to any downtown development proposal, regardless of how well thought out and beneficial to the community, is “No”.

I for one plan on strongly urging the City to amend the Port’s comprehensive plan and allow the Port’s dialog with the community to continue.   I hope others will do so as well.

Larry Beard





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