Re: Let’s quiet those trains down

By John Lewis | Jul 18, 2013


You've got to be kidding me!

Creating a local improvement district (LID) to reduce or eliminate train whistles? Why on earth would anyone want to tax themselves for something as benign as train horns?

Why stop there. Lets reduce or eliminate ferryboat horns, fire engine & police sirens. I cannot possibly see how reducing train horns would show a verifiable increase in property values.

Lets look at the reason for an engineer to blow their train whistles. SAFETY! They are used to warn others of many tons of steel approaching the unwary driver. The cross buck signs and crossing gates alone don't always work.

Lets face it, with more drivers than ever that are distracted by cell phones, texting and dashboard navigation devices, we need all the train horns and whistles we can get!

How many stories are there of car/train collisions and the resulting injuries that we read?

I applaud Mr. Laylin's effort to improve the quality of life here in our beautiful Edmonds.

If more citizens did something (even small) to help another, you would be surprised how quickly it adds up.

So listen to your common sense voice of Edmonds and be glad that trains sound their horns and go find a volunteer opportunity.


John Lewis


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