Re-ignite your passion for life

By Joanne Peterson | Apr 24, 2014

Did your passion for life get side-tracked?  Or are you still wondering what your passion is?

Perhaps the Creative Retirement Institute can help. CRI understands that adults need to keep learning and challenging themselves just as much as children do.

CRI knows that having achieved “maturity”—whatever that is—probably doesn’t mean you’ve had enough rich experiences to last until the end of life. There’s more to look forward to!

Do you sometimes feel as if you still haven’t figured out what you want to be when you grow up?

According to the number of your birthdays and the perceptions of those around you, you ARE grown up.

You’ve completed years of education, perhaps raised a family, had a career, traveled, acquired hobbies and pets and way too much sports gear and too many pairs of shoes.

And yet, at this point in your life, perhaps all that doesn’t seem like enough.

For one thing, you might feel a disconnect from old enthusiasms, feel just plain tired of the routine of your days.

Perhaps you have lost a companion you used to share pleasant times with. Or maybe you feel it’s time to let go of an old activity or pursuit and tune in to something new.

Whatever your incentive, check out CRI, the Creative Retirement Institute.

CRI, under the auspices of Edmonds Community College, is an organization priding itself on presenting quality educational offerings to adults who want to stretch their minds, use their imaginations, and meet similarly open and inquisitive adults in short-term classes taught by experts in their fields.

CRI classes most often range from two to four sessions, usually two hours per session.

Most of the classes are taught at the Edmonds Conference Center, where the CRI office also is located, 201 Fourth Ave. N.  Classes are reasonably priced, and scholarship aid is available.

Although many spring classes are closed, some classes beginning in May still are available for enrollment.

Those classes include:  Is U.S. Democracy Still Possible?;  Trials and Tribulations: Reading Kafka; Commons Sense: Intro to Parliamentary Government;  Daniel and Revelation; Mental Health and Aging; Birth of the English Sonnet; Adventures in Wine Pairing; and Come to the Cabaret.

Call the CRI office at (425) 640-1806 or check the website,, for more information.

If a spring class won’t work for you, be sure to check out the Creative Retirement Institute in the fall. Back to school time isn’t just for kids!


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