Random Thoughts and Ramblings

By John McAlpine | Aug 12, 2012
Photo by: John McAlpine

Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Obnoxious John




A recent posting by my blogmate (a word I just invented) Frank told of a story where the punchline was scoreboard. He was explaining how young men were trying to allocate levels of importance and status to their respective teams. We know despite Grantland Rice and how we play the game, the ultimate arbiter is the scoreboard. In a way, that is what Minnesota Viking coach Bud Grant meant when he once said 'statistics are for losers.' Bud didn't realize later his Vikings would have terrible Superbowl statistics and despite any best efforts, be thought of as losers. So naturally I'm pleased to report the scoreboard says 4-1 in favor of the Mariners at the end of the ball game today. They take two of three from the Angels and continue to show flashes of what they could be.


Dustin Ackley, the Mariner wunderkind of 2011 has spent most of this season trying to figure out how to hit at the major league level. The league's pitchers, seeing Ackley in the last half of last season now have a book on him, have adjusted the way they pitch and Dustin is struggling to contribute offensively. His challenge is to adjust to their adjustments and force the pitchers to adjust again.


Jesus Montero is looking like he can play at major league level. When the M's swapped fire-balling Michael Pineda to the Yanks this off season, I recalled the many trades over baseball history where the Yankees often snookered the other team. But this one, along with the Ken Phelps for Jay Buhner deal in 1988 show that once a generation, we pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of the mighty New Yorkers.


Finally, a word about the Olympics. I didn't watch very much of the event, neither the opening or closing ceremonies or hardly any of the contests. Can't say why, maybe it's my schedule which often finds me in front of the tube only later in the evening, or my lack of interest in which country has the most (or least) medals.


The whole idea of the Olympics, I thought, was to give the best athletes a chance to compete against other best athletes. Why does it matter what country they come from? I thought to myself why do we keep track of the medal total? Then it came to me. Scoreboard.


Now get out there and take one for the team!


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