Random Musings

By John McAlpine | Apr 09, 2013
Photo by: John McAlpine Game Two action, San Francisco vs Detroit, 2012 World Series

Random Musings

Obnoxious John



So I'm listening to the M's game tonight, the one where the Houston Astros are hitting like they're the '61 Yankees or something, and the promotional announcement comes on for a future game where 'all kids will receive a full sized Dustin Ackley Louisville Slugger and I thought “why not? Dustin's not using it”

Of course it's early in the year but he still hasn't returned to the player he was when he first came to the big leagues. In the long run we may just be seeing a speed bump as he adjusts to baseball at the highest level. Or not.

I'm not up to speed on the way the contracts of young players work, but I'm pretty sure they could send him to Tacoma to get back on track. I've heard he's adjusted his stance at the the plate but I wonder if that is the real problem. Maybe his eyes need checking. Maybe he's lost his confidence. Maybe he has a huge hole in his swing and the pitchers know it. If he doesn't get it going soon, I say send him to the Rainiers where he probably should hit .400, get the bounce in his step back and bring him back and see if it helps. He's really not experienced enough to work his way out of this at the major league level.


The Seahawks are auditioning back up QB's, none of whom inspire me to think of Canton. But backup's are important. For instance, the (at that time) LA Rams came into the 1979 season not favored to win anything but ended up in the Super Bowl lead by Vince Ferragamo, who started season on the bench.


The soap opera that is the NBA involving Seattle and Sacramento has moved well into the “BORING” stage. Can't anyone run this league? I suppose I don't really care what happens. Though I think it

tragic (as tragic as any sports related subject can be, that is) the Sonics were carpetbagged out of here given they had a great history and fan support, if the thing would get settled one way or another we could then get to the bottom of why the Mariners don't seem to like the idea of a basketball team in their neighborhood.


Finally, since I last blogged for the Beacon, I had a once in a lifetime chance to attend a World Series game in San Francisco. This gives me a reason to post a picture from that trip.


Now get out there and take one for the team!


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