Raingarden workshop a success

By Val Stewart | Oct 03, 2013

On Tuesday, Sept. 16, more than 60 people attended the “Design your own Rain Garden” workshop sponsored by the City Public Works department.

The experts from Rain Dog Designs gave a comprehensive step-by-step approach to guide homeowners on how to incorporate this Low Impact Development technique into their yards to address rainwater runoff.

It helped that folks experienced the torrents of water that rushed down the streets of Edmonds during the 100-year rain event the week before.

They wanted to know what more they could do to help their property and the City address the ongoing issue of excess rainfall.

The main purpose of including rain gardens in your landscape is to capture and filter polluted runoff from your rooftops, driveways, and walkways.

Sometimes our storm system gets overburdened during these significant rain events, and more rain gardens would alleviate the load.

An added bonus is that well designed rain gardens actually clean the runoff that eventually goes into the Puget Sound.  That doesn’t typically happen when it goes down the storm drain.

Rain gardens provide an additional tool to handle all the rain.   They’re beautiful as well as relatively easy and affordable to install.

The City is hoping feed off the inspiration of this workshop and create a demonstration project  for our City.  They want Edmonds to be an active participant in the “12000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound Campaign” that is already in progress.

The goal is for Edmonds to contribute its share of 106 rain gardens by 2016.  Based on the turnout at the workshop, Edmonds’ citizens are up for the challenge.

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