Quite a change at Swedish

The menu would put many restaurants to shame
By John Pierre | Dec 27, 2012

Recently I had occasion to visit Swedish Edmonds Hospital.  I could not possibly be more impressed with the difference brought about by their remodeling investment and new management.

I'm quite sure that there are many area hospitals that would equally impress me but my experience was with Swedish Edmonds so this writing is only of them.

If you haven't been there recently (and I don't wish any dire circumstances on you), you wouldn't recognize either the place or the level of service provided if you have occasion to visit a patient there.

The ER, though having been remodeled and no longer feels as crowed as it used to still has the failings that many ERs seem to have.

You can lie on one of those uncomfortable beds (they really should be called cots) for several hours while various techs, attendants, nurses and doctors might show up every half hour or so but the waiting seems even longer.

It is understandable because they are obviously busy but that doesn't make the time go by any easier when you are waiting.

If you happen to be admitted to the actual hospital floors for additional tests or procedures there seems a world of difference in the willing attendants, including doctors and nurses, in one of their patient rooms equipped with a soft, small but comfortable bed, scientifically located television with a remote channel selector at your side as well as a convenient phone.

On the same remote device is a "call button" if you are need of anything.  Attendants such as Rose, Barbara (8th floor manager), Rita, Basia and Stephanie do everything possible to make your stay more pleasant.

A very friendly and attentive Dr. VanCleave directed my various procedures with great expertise.   She's a gem.

The reason I am writing this piece, however, relates to the multi page menu (yes I said "menu") that allows patients to order just about anything their heart desires for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The menu would put many restaurants to shame.

The days of rubber jello and inedible chicken are in the past where they belong.

How about a citrus marinated grilled salmon fillet topped with mango papaya salsa and served with jasmine rice?

Prefer red meat?  You can order a herb rubbed and grilled sirloin steak served with mashed potatoes just like mama used to make.  Mediterranean semolina pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, garnished with basil and parmesan cheese is available.

And there is a delightful variety of fresh fruits available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Yup.  Swedish Edmonds Hospital is a whole new experience from the old Stevens Hospital.  I came away feeling like I had been mollycoddled.



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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Dec 27, 2012 09:26

Pick me up off the floor and give me smelling salts - a positive article from Mr. Pierre!

And I wholly agree with him: the new Swedish Hospital is absolutely first rate, from first to last.  But not just the food and the beds - I have been in the ER several times, and has really first-rate care, and that's care from people who CARE.

Edmonds is enormously lucky to have Swedish at the top of the hill!

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