Quiet zones enhance communities

Sep 12, 2013


Ms. Maynard writes that she doesn’t want to be taxed for a railroad quiet zone in Edmonds and abhors the mentality that goes with it.

The city of Edmonds has made it very clear from the study they commissioned in 2008 that they consider a quiet zone a significant enhancement for our residents and local business community.

I believe it is something that many and hopefully most residents will support. Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean it has to remain such.

This is not a unique or novel idea as many communities throughout the country are moving to establish railroad quiet zones.

I’m really hard-pressed to understand why any thoughtful person would desire hundreds of blaring train whistles each day when they can be safely eliminated.

Studies have shown that property values of homes near the train crossings increase when quiet zones are established.

If Ms. Maynard is outside the Local Improvement District it won’t cost her a penny, and if she’s within it, she will have her one vote like everyone else.

Let’s make the city of Edmonds the best it can be.

Steve Reibman


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