Quiet Zone revisited

Aug 15, 2013

Yes Glen, silence is golden, and that's exactly why we want to establish a railroad quiet zone.

Don't you worry, this won't cost a penny to you or anyone else distant from the crossings.

Only the residences and businesses disturbed by the train whistles would have an opportunity to vote on a self assessment of what I consider a somewhat trivial amount of approximately $100 per year, but most likely much less.

This would be prorated depending upon distance from the crossings.  Several cities have done this, most notably East Vancouver, Washington.

I love Edmonds and would buy my condo again even with the train whistles, but I ask you and all the other readers, don't we want to make Edmonds the best it can be for our citizens, businesses and visitors?

The predictions are for significant increases in train traffic in the near future.

Having all this unnecessary noise makes no sense if we could safely quiet the trains with minimal expense to the affected citizens and businesses.

I hope we all get to enjoy the benefits of a quieter downtown Edmonds.  I’m happy to pay my share and I believe many others will as well.

Steve Reibman


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