Quick fixes for sick dogs

By John Owen | May 16, 2013

If you have recently arrived in the area you will soon discover that there is a whole lot of creative eating going on, especially at events like the Waterfront Festival, the Arts Festival and the Taste of  Edmonds.

There is so much munching going on that concessionaires seem to have decimated their supplies of white felt gloves.

Or didn't you know that hot dogs as we know them were first offered to the public at the St. Louis Exposition of 1904. An imaginative vendor lured many of his hungry customers by offering the use of one white glove, to wear while consuming one of his red-hot franks.

Business was brisk, his supply of gloves was eventually depleted so the vendor purchased a supply of small buns and thus was created the authentic American (and Edmonds-style) hot dog.

So how do you prefer to top your dog?  Here is one of my favorite combinations.


First Aid for Franks


Mix together one tablespoon chopped onion, one-fourth teaspoon garlic salt, one-fourth teaspoon chili powder, two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, two teaspoons molasses and one teaspoon of prepared mustard.

Add to one-cup tomato sauce.

Lightly brown split frankfurters in an oiled pan then add the sauce.

You can serve with mashed potatoes.  Or you can dish them up with the tomato sauce in hot dog buns.


Another RX for Dogs


Spread a package of hot dogs in the bottom of a casserole.

Open up a large can of top quality baked beans.  Add 1/4 cup molasses, one tablespoon prepared mustard, one tablespoon of vinegar and a few drops of Liquid Smoke. Pour this mess over the dogs in the casserole.  Top with six thin slices of onion and bake in a 350 oven until bubbling.

Did you know that Americans consume about 15 billion hot dogs a year?

Stretched end to end the wieners would reach the moon and back two and a half times?

Sounds like a remarkable statistic until you sit back and reflect that 15 billion hot dogs probably produce more gas than a Saturn booster consumes in a month.

Pass me another clean white glove.

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