Quick action saves pair of local ducklings

Jun 06, 2013
Photo by: Carolyn Hart-Miley Michael Rose saved the day for some ducklings

Michael Rose is a pretty special guy to some – perhaps most importantly to a pair of ducks that nest in a pond off of 76th Avenue W, in Edmonds. He just saved some of their babies from a horrible fate.

“Michael Rose is a hero to the mama and papa duck nesting behind my house,” Carolyn Hart-Mylie said. “Although they nest in the pond in the forest behind and beside my house, they swim and feed in the pond across the street.”

Hart-Mylie said with road construction going on, it has been difficult for the babies to follow mama.

“Tonight, a young couple, Michael and Stacy Rose, noticed that a couple of the ducklings didn't make it across the construction zone with their mama duck,” she said.

“Michael quickly sprang into action and jumped down into the tunnel area and pursued the ducklings.

“The mama duck was quacking and flying overhead.”

Hart-Mylie said Stacy gave him a small ice chest, and she gave him a large fish net. He was able to capture the ducklings and put them into the ice chest.

“He handed it up to me, and I ran it to the pond and released the babies towards the mum and dad duck,” she said. “Soon the noise of happy ducks filled the air!”

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