Quick-acting officer prevents woman’s suicide attempt

Sep 05, 2013

At 9 a.m. Friday, a 49-year-old female Edmonds resident with a long history of mental issues attempted suicide by walking into the Puget Sound off of Brackett’s Landing Park in downtown Edmonds.

According to Sgt. Mark Marsh, several citizens enjoying the waterfront that morning noticed the woman acting strangely and then walking into the water fully clothed and swimming out into deeper water.

Edmonds Police and Fire District 1 units responded to the area along with personnel from the WSF boat Spokane and off-duty Edmonds officers who were directing ferry traffic.

The woman ignored pleas to come in from the water and purposely went under water several times, Marsh said.

Corporal Aaron Greenmun, seeing that the woman was not coming in and fearing that the rescue boat from the Spokane would not get there in time, took off his gun belt, uniform shirt and vest, and went into the water.

Cpl. Greenmun swam out to the woman and was able to bring her into shore where she was immediately attended to by the Fire District 1 aid crew.

She was transported to Swedish Hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment of hypothermia.

If not for the quick action of the bystanders who alerted police and fire, and the selfless actions of the officers who responded, this incident could have been much more tragic than it was, Marsh said.


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