QFC remodel expected to be completed in September

Jun 23, 2017

QFC in Westgate is remodeling its store at 22828 100th Ave. W and expects to have it completed by late September.

“We are investing more than $2 million in the project in order to freshen up the store,” said QFC spokesman Zach Stratton.

“That will include an updated modern décor package, improving the store entrances, polishing the floor, repainting the exterior and undertaking new energy initiatives such as updating to LED lights.”

For the next few months, customers will notice construction in the store and some product being moved to different aisles.

“But our associates are working hard to make sure the store remains clean and that they are helping the customer find everything they need,” Stratton said.


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Jul 20, 2017 15:21

All very well - but was it really necessary to move so many things?  If improving shopping is the aim, making regular shoppers wander around trying to find things they used to be able to go straight to hardly improves things.

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