QFC admits to overcharging Edmonds customers on sales tax

By Brian Soergel | Mar 23, 2018

QFC in Edmonds' Westgate admits that the store overcharged customers on their sales tax between Feb. 26 and March 10.

The city's sales tax is 10.3 percent, but QFC had been charging customers a higher rate of at least 11 percent.

"We sincerely apologize for our error," spokesman Zach Stratton said.

"As soon as QFC was made aware of the situation, we took immediate corrective action. The coding in our system has been corrected to ensure accurate charging, and we have completed a review of our tax data to ensure this was an isolated event.

"We will redouble efforts to continue to be the trusted community partner Puget Sound residents have come to rely upon for the past 60-plus years.”

Stratton said QFC has identified the impacted customers who used loyalty cards and are reimbursing them for being charged the incorrect sales tax, an average of 31 cents per customer.

"This was an honest mistake where the wrong tax rate was keyed in at this store," Stratton said. "We have since self-audited and found that the tax rates were correct at all of our stores. No other changes needed to be made. I also want to reiterate that any extra tax that was collected was remitted to the state, not kept by QFC."

One customer has already contacted the Beacon to report she received a refund on her receipt today, March 23, after shopping at QFC.

The receipt read: "Between 2/26 and 3/10 we inadvertently had our sales tax rate set too high at our Edmonds store. We want to ensure that we charge you the correct amount and have refunded you in this transaction."

Editor's note: I shopped at QFC and gave the checker my phone number, as I always do, instead of the card. My bill of $52.88 had a "tax correction" of $1.32. Check your receipts to make sure you get the refund, whether you use the card or your phone number.




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