Public hearing on underpass needed

By Natalie Shippen | Jul 16, 2012


An underpass providing emergency access to the Edmonds waterfront is a good idea. An underpass for ferry vehicles is over-kill, and could be the first step in the ferry system's grand redevelopment plan for the area between Main and Dayton.

A 2009 WSF joint development proposal includes an underpass design that would run north from a parking garage located on the Antique Mall site.

If the WSF could also arrange private/public partnerships, the remainder of the area between Main and Dayton would be tall mixed-use buildings.

One building located on the Skipper/WSF parking lot is described as six stories: 16,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, 4-5 stories of residential space, and two levels of structured parking.

The WSF believes its plan complies with Edmonds desire to make the waterfront an area of high-density transit-oriented-development (TOD i.e. toads). What Edmonds Council adopted such a future?

The Administration has known of the WSF plan for three years. I'm not aware that any Edmonds mayor alerted any Council of its existence.

I think its time a public hearing was held. To prepare for it, Edmonds residents should read the report prepared by the WSDOT Innovative Partnerships Program.

It's called "An Analysis of Joint Development Opportunities at Washington State Ferry Terminals."

It's on the internet. For those who prefer paper, the Mayor has been asked to put a copy in the Edmonds library.

From the WSF point-of-view, an underpass for ferry vehicles is just the first step of an elaborate effort to create money-making, real estate developments in Edmonds.

Is that also what Edmonds residents want? We should be aware and beware.


Natalie Shippen

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