Protestors?  Don't you get sick of 'em?

I do know that, as I stand next to the passing coal trains, I haven't noticed even the slightest amount of coal dust being emitted.
By John Pierre | Jul 19, 2012

I noticed that more than a couple hundred protestors gathered at Brackets Landing South to protest the coal train movement through Edmonds.

Our Mayor added legitimacy to the effort, in his speech to the gathering, with what appears to be erroneous information.  Some state legislators who don't know doodly-squat about what goes on outside of their home turf... Olympia, showed up too.

They simply can't survive without a photographer and/or a mic.

I'd be guessing, I'll admit, but I suspect fewer than a dozen or two of the attendees had any idea what effect the coal trains might or might not have on beautiful downtown Edmonds.

Facts?  These protestors don't care about facts.

They mostly respond to rhetoric from others who spout off without having any legitimate knowledge on which to base their opinions.

Personally, I have no reliable information, pro or con, as to what effect, if any, a few dozen coal trains passing through Edmonds will have.

But I won't participate in any protest without more specific facts.

I do know that, as I stand next to the passing coal trains, I haven't noticed even the slightest amount of coal dust being emitted.

My breathing doesn't feel like it's being impaired and I don't find it necessary to rush home and bathe to get any coal dust out of my hair or off of my bod.

I might add that the passing trains (coal trains and otherwise) only delay my waterfront travel for a matter of three or four minutes.

An important delay?  Hardly.

I can't help but think, from my almost 80 years of experience, that some people are just looking for something... anything to protest.  If they don't find something conveniently offered, they'll dream something up.

Why not protest something that is harmful to Edmonds and the taxpayers within?

Why not organize a protest challenging the stupidity of remodeling Five Corners, at great cost to Edmonds citizens and the United States, whose governing body is relying upon China to cover our over-expenditures?

The City won't listen to the many voices that find the Five Corners matter stupid and expensive.  Maybe we should protest the City government.

Dang!  It's costing us hundreds of billions of dollars just to pay the interest on our loans from China and other countries around the world.

When are we, as Edmonds citizens and as citizens of the United States of America going to wake up and quit dipping into an empty wallet for funding of useless projects?

When are we, as a country, going to stop printing money that has the effect of making every remaining dollar in our pockets (pitifully few in many Edmonds households) worth less and less?

I think it's time we protested the protestors!

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Jul 19, 2012 17:22

YES!  ok - I'm sorry I used caps and an exclamation point, but really, what a tempest in a teapot re coal trains.  And don't get me started on the "improvement" for 5-corners - what a waste of our money.  How about paying for another police officer, fixing potholes, or unclogging a storm drain?

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