‘Profit’ is not a dirty word | Constant Curmudgeon

By John Pierre | May 29, 2014

What in the world is happening to this land of the free and home of the brave? It appears to me that we are becoming more and more divided as each year passes by.

It would be easy enough to point a finger at who is responsible, but I think it goes deeper than that. It appears that the "anything goes" attitudes of we the people and, moreover, our elected officials, are either putting up with or causing much of the ultimate division. The separation of groups is far beyond ethnic… it has been expanded to include income levels.

Hard working people, in many cases, are just barely getting by. They're having some difficulty making ends meet. The payments on their boats, motor homes and wall-to-wall, surround-sound television are beginning to be harder and harder to handle.

I'll admit that's a little sarcasm, but the fact is that the poorest in our country enjoy a number of amenities that beat the whey out of what the poor in other countries have.

Others, due to wise, and sometimes risky, investments are living off the fat of the land and getting richer by the day. Of course, there are those who inherited family fortunes, while others simply married one or two billionaires, and few of us are impressed by them.

What is the answer to these problems? It seems that we have to get back to lauding success and quit maligning those who have managed to get in a position to enjoy the American dream.

We should all strive for success and, if we happen to go into business, profit. Without profit there would be no jobs for even the hardest of workers. Unlike what is being beaten into us almost daily, profit is not a dirty word. It's what makes our country strong.

Let's hear it for success due to hard work.


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