Praise for those who stand up for individual rights

Oct 31, 2013


It’s amazing that the Edmonds Beacon would give so much space to Ms. Tipton (Oct. 17) in her tirade against those whose beliefs are different from hers in such a denigrating manner.

It was as if she had bought an ad for the opposite party and was enabled to voice her opinions (many of which are already known since it has been a consistent Democrat mantra), as if she has discovered something of prime importance that no one else knows.

Is Ms. Tipton happy with the status of Obamacare?

Has she, like so many, found that if it wasn’t for the support of those who care about an ever-growing $17 trillion plus federal debt, as well as who is in charge and making decisions regarding their own healthcare, it’s mighty good we have many “elephants” in the room, no matter their political affiliation, willing to stand up for individual rights to discuss both local, state and federal legislation, elections and so on.

I also found it amusing that her “soliloquy” was place directly above an advertisement for a gun store.

Elizabeth Adair


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