Port of Edmonds withdrawal of Land Use Application

By Renate M. Haberpointner | May 02, 2013


I was relieved and entertained by the Port of Edmonds’ withdrawal of its Land Use Application to have the City adopt the Port's Harbor Square Master Plan as a Comprehensive Plan Amendment or Sub Area Plan.

While the Port Commission states it “stands ready to work with the City to achieve a true partnership and to discuss the future of Harbor Square, we have not seen much evidence of this during the negotiations.

It‘s not true partnership for the Port to put forward a development plan requiring a Comprehensive Plan amendment that would significantly change the height limits—promising the citizens of Edmonds fluffy amenities in exchange for the loss of open, unobstructed views of the sound and mountains.

A huge RAVE to the Edmonds City Council members who uphold their promises to Edmonds residents by rejecting the Port of Edmonds’s blatant demand for lifting the existing building height restrictions.

These members truly make the citizen’s interest their interest. They remain firm and informed amidst the bullying techniques of other council members and elected officials in high positions. This will be a fact to remember in future elections.

Edmonds is a unique community of less than 40,000 residents. We welcome progress. Changing the zoning in the Harbor Square area to multiple use could create a vibrant diversity of new residents, businesses and job opportunities.

However, we need to put in place high design expectations that maximize and protect value for both the public and private interests.

Density does not necessarily equate with height. Density done well emphasizes creating places people love as well as businesses in friendly competition and co-operation.

Based on the public documents filed, it seems the Port is aggressively pursuing the policy of “Take what you can get now” without regards to the needs of future generations.

The Port’s Harbor Square Master Plan states: Incorporating the Port’s Harbor Square Master Plan into the Comprehensive Plan would lay the foundation for a future rezone and/or development agreement for the Harbor Square property to support a mixed-use transit oriented development. The Master Plan also envisions buildings up to 55 feet in height.

Let’s move forward in the spirit of TRUE partnership where everybody wins—create a vibrant community at Harbor Square that will be a magnet for businesses, residents, visitors and families.


Renate M. Haberpointner

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Posted by: john dolan | May 11, 2013 11:55

Thank you Renate M, Haberpointer!

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