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By Bob McChesney, Port of Edmonds executive director | Feb 12, 2015
Bob McChesney, Port of Edmonds executive director

Most people have no notion of the many public amenities that the Port of Edmonds provides, particularly those that the City of Edmonds is not able to provide.

If you are not aware, the Port and the City are not the same.

Each is an entirely separate public entity with different elected officials and different management. Each is funded separately as well.

Beyond that, however, is the long-standing cooperative relationship between the two – a unique partnership with both bodies contributing to Edmonds' exceptional quality of life.

Nearly everyone who visits the marina comments on its beautiful setting and friendly atmosphere.

In recent years, it was even named National Marina of the Year.

Our world-class restaurants, public walkways and pristine landscaping draw thousands of people every month, year around. But there is much more.

Adjoining the free public plaza at the center of the marina is an electronic weather and interpretive center, soon to be upgraded to an even higher level of technical capability.

It is open to the public 24-7, also without charge.

There are clean and neat public restrooms available in the marina with additional ones on the drawing board, and we offer free parking in the south lot for the City’s Marina Beach park.

Did you know that the Port pays $12,500 a year to the BNSF Railway for a roadway easement that provides public access to that City park?

We make our grounds available each year for the Rotary-sponsored Edmonds Waterfront Festival, along with other community events that generate zero revenue to the Port: Sea Jazz, Artists in Action, Bird Fest, and support for the nearby Willow Creek fish hatchery.

And, we are happy to provide public access to the Edmonds Marsh through our Harbor Square Business Campus.

All of this is done independent of our boating tenants’ moorage fees; the money comes from a small portion of local property taxes that goes directly to the Port of Edmonds.

We are grateful for this support from our citizens and hope that you agree that it is money well spent.



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