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Aug 30, 2017

Pornography at the library?

As an Edmonds resident, I enjoy using our library.

It came as quite a surprise to me to walk past a computer in use at our library in Edmonds for the purpose of pornography. I see many children using our city library.

Upon approaching the front desk, I informed people have every legal right, with no restrictions, at the library. My my, what has our world come to?

Mr. Mayor, is there anything we can do to protect our families from this kind of thing?

Linda Danielson


Edmonds Library Manager Richard Suico responds: When we receive a customer complaint about disruptive behavior in the library, our practice is to listen carefully to the concern, investigate the matter and, if warranted, address and stop problematic behavior.

When Ms. Danielson reported her concern to library staff, we should have done more to acknowledge her concerns, approached the customer causing the offense and dealt with the disruptive behavior.

I apologize that we didn’t do so when Ms. Danielson brought this issue to us and will ensure that all of us are better prepared to respond to future customer concerns. We want the Edmonds Library to be a safe, welcoming place for everyone in our community.

Some clarification on Willow Creek Hatchery article

Re: “New group to oversee Willow Creek Hatchery,” Aug. 17: Thank you so much for your thorough, well-written article and taking interest in our organization and our involvement in carrying on the work that Trout Unlimited Edmonds has done over the past 30-plus years to educate the local community about salmon.

I read the article, and while it accurately reflects most of the conversation we had and the situation, I feel like I need to make some clarifications for the record since some of what I said may be read as not quite accurate, inarticulate and irrelevant if not more than a bit insulting.

You quote me as having said, “It’s a bunch of old white guys who aren’t recruiting new members" in my response to your question about what motivated the transition. While I'm pretty sure I probably said words along those lines within my longer response to your question, what ended up in the article comes off dismissive and disrespectful towards the fine folks at TU/Edmonds whom we respect and are working hard to build and maintain a relationship with.

I own my words, and it's my fault for interjecting age, race, and gender where it isn't relevant to what is happening with the hatchery. As well, it was not my intention to convey, nor my belief that TU/Edmonds has any responsibility for the younger generations not being interested in the hatchery.

It was not for a lack of trying on their part. I just wanted to acknowledge that.

I also am quoted as saying, "If we didn’t have hatcheries, we wouldn’t have salmon. We’d have salmon, but there would be so few of them here in Puget Sound." Which is a pretty clumsy way of explaining that without the hatchery output we would probably have little or no salmon available for harvest by commercial, recreational and tribal fisheries.

Our wild populations are not at a level to tolerate the current demand for harvest. The role of hatcheries is a very complex issue and has at times polarized the salmon recovery community. My intent with my comments was to acknowledge that complexity and the issues it has raised and that Sound Salmon Solutions as an organization does not take a position for or against.

Rather, we see the Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery as a teaching opportunity so the community can understand how hatcheries operate, learn about salmon biology and ecology and explore the complex relationship between humans and salmon, of which hatcheries are a significant part.

Thanks again for your interest, and next time I'll be prepared to be more thoughtful and articulate.

Rodney Pond
Sound Salmon Solutions


Democrats and Never Trumpers are to blame

Mayor David Earling's column "Charlottesville and beyond" on Aug. 17 was disappointing and only contributes to the mob mentality gripping the nation. If he felt he needed to comment on Charlottesville, it would have been helpful to offer some serious and honest analysis rather than just another safe, politically correct denunciation from the Never Trump bandwagon.

Heather Heyer's death was tragic, and the person who killed her must face justice. But several elements came together to create this tragedy, and they should not be ignored.

Yes, the white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideologies are hateful and do not reflect American values. But their numbers are relatively small, and they ruin their own credibility every time they speak.

That being said, they were lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech Aug. 12 in Charlottesville. They obtained a permit and gathered in the area the city designated for their demonstration opposing the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

Enter the Antifa folks. Their name supposedly stands for “antifascist,” but they act an awful lot like fascists. They are a conglomeration of Democratic activists, socialists, communists (Industrial Workers of the World), black separatists and anarchists. Maybe a few other radical groups are also in the mix.

Their messages are divisive, and they are often violent. They reportedly came loaded for bear, with all kinds of weapons – boards with nails, baseball bats, homemade flamethrowers, rocks and pepper spray. They had no permit, but immediately moved toward the other groups.

There are a lot of people who have blood on their hands after Aug. 12.

The root causes of the Charlottesville tragedy are the Democratic Party and the Never Trumpers in the Republican Party who are both furious that Trump was elected, so furious they are willing to do anything to take Trump down, including colluding with one another to tear this country apart.

They are all obstructionists on steroids. That is what is really happening here. The white supremacists and neo-Nazis are simply reactionary racist bit players.

The American people should not have to watch this power driven spectacle courtesy of those trying to overturn an election by tearing the country apart. Make no mistake about it. The survival of our democracy is at stake here.

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent like me, know that if these people succeed, they will have accomplished a de facto coup d'état and our democracy will be gone. We will be trapped in a dictatorship where voters no longer matter.

The antidote? One is to refuse buying into the hysteria and false narratives that these folks constantly promote and demand that your representatives in Washington, D.C., stop this destructive divisiveness now.

Let your voices be heard.

Nancy Farnam



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