Popular eatery has reopened, tasty as ever

By John Pierre | Mar 06, 2014

Most of the good folks in Edmonds know about Claire's.  If not, I would be surprised in that the restaurant has been around since Moses was a pup.  Well... almost.

The original Claire's was opened in 1968 just off Aurora at 185th.  As time went along, the restaurant chain had four locations: Edmonds, 185th, Lake City and Mill Creek.

More recently they have moved to consolidate their talents in Edmonds, their location of choice, and discontinued the other three, quite successful, operations.

Definitely a family operation since its inception, our well-known Claire's is headed up by Gina Myers, GM, the granddaughter of the late founder, Claire Petosa Rhodes.

Continuing the family tradition, Gina has her two daughters, Alexis and Mercedes, working with her as part of the management team.  These two early 20s’ ladies alternate shifts.  When one is off, the other takes over.

Gina started working in the Mill Creek Claire's when she was 18 years old.  She remained there for 17 years until that restaurant was sold.

Everyone remember Claire's?  If you haven't tried it recently, you're missing some major changes.  They were closed for 19 days early this year, during which most of the staff remained as some were put to work on changes, and others took a few days off.

Changes?  Yes.  The entire kitchen, including the floor, has been remodeled, and some new equipment has been added.

But... you need to know that other important changes have been made as well.  There were times when the place seemed a tad on the chilly side.  No more!  Claire's has had a completely new heating and air conditioning system installed.

Their menu remains the same.  If you want pancakes at 6 p.m., the long-time talented chefs will whomp 'em up for you.  Like a piece of pie?  All of their pies are created from scratch, in house, for your enjoyment.

The old "groups" that had to find other places to meet during the 19 days of closure have returned, such as the "49ers" (who meet there every Tuesday for lunch) and a large group of retired teachers who meet there, also for lunch, every last Wednesday of the month.  And, yes, other customers, now aware of these substantial changes, have returned en masse.

Yup... the old Claire's is now the NEW Claire's.  My wife and I are regulars there, and we are exceptionally pleased with everything on their multi-page menu.

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