Police on lookout for distracted drivers

By Brian Soergel | Apr 07, 2017

The Edmonds Police Department’s traffic unit will have a distracted driving emphasis on Saturday, April 8, and Thursday, April 13.

Sgt. Shane Hawley said officers will be on the Highway 99 corridor and probably a few other high volume roadways.

They will run from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on those dates.

In 2016, Edmonds police officers issued 296 tickets for cellphone violations and tickets and 23 for inattentive driving.

“All of our officers are trained in signs to watch for impaired driving,” Hawley said. “This starts in the academy with DUI enforcement training and continues throughout an officer’s career. Each officer is required to recertify with the blood-alcohol-content breath test instrument and have standardized field sobriety test training.”

In addition, Hawley said that one of the department’s traffic-unit officers has advanced training for impaired driving investigations.

Edmonds PD is joining about 150 law enforcement agencies during the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s “U Text, U Drive, U Pay” program this month.

“This show of force calls attention to the public safety threat posed by drivers being distracted by texting or talking on their phones,” said Angie Ward, program manager at WTSC, which is funding the patrols. “We want drivers to understand that you can operate a car. Or you can operate your phone. But you can’t be safe and do both at once.”


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