Police chief on ‘Hero’ list | Letter

Jul 24, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Sometimes our “everyday” can seem kind of mundane and just regular routine, and we just don’t realize how impactful the little time outs to do a good deed or lend a helping hand in the lives of others can be.

Seeing Edmonds Police Chief Al Compaan’s picture on the government access channel on TV this morning is giving me a memorable flashback.

Al, you were close by to seek out when news came that my husband (a Seattle police officer) had a cardiac arrest on a Lynnwood city bus; he was unable to be revived and it was an awful shock to my son and myself.

Al, your words of comfort and encouragement brought gentle strength and help in a very difficult moment of shock.

Life can have some tough hurdles and traumatic moments, but we each seem to be gifted with a little extra reserve for lending a helping hand in moments of urgency to our fellow man.

God knows our world has many needs. What a great difference we often don’t realize, but we can make in one another’s’ lives with a listening heart, a gentle word and just a little time out to “bear ye one another’s burdens.”

Thank you Al. You are on my “Hero” list.

Linda Danielson



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