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Aug 06, 2018

BOLO for Police Beat

It's been several issues now with no Police Beat, or whatever it was called. With the descriptive headlines for each adventure, this column, I'm sure, was the most-looked-forward-to by many in your vast readership.

I remember a year or so ago some miscreant had purloined a pencil from somewhere in downtown Edmonds, and the ne'er-do-well's actions were well accounted for in this fine column.

I was so upset by this villainous action that I took it upon myself to help seek out justice. I donned my deerstalker hat and tan-colored Mackintosh coat, grabbed my curved meerschaum pipe and large magnifying glass, and set forth to downtown Edmonds to help the local police capture this horrible person and return that pencil to its home.

Alas, no luck.

Lots of suspicious-looking people, though, as they stared at me quite strangely.

Jeff Ackles


Editor’s note: We’ve missed Police Beat too, and a lack of space has forced us to shelve it for a few weeks.

Rebecca Wolfe a true conservative

Maybe you're surprised, as I was, that we in Snohomish County have a say-so in the priorities of our PUD. The three powerful positions of "commissioner" are elected offices.

The office is nonpartisan, so a bit more study must be done to vote responsibly, but, as tax and ratepayers, it would behoove us to do it.

In fact, for most of us in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mukilteo, there's an opportunity to elect a true conservationist candidate with sparkling credentials and impressive track record: Rebecca Wolfe.

It is important. I urge you to investigate and vote your primary ballot.

Dawna Lahti


Confused by parking lines

Frankly, I’m at a loss when it comes to the painted parking lines in Edmonds.

There are several streets where there are lines indicating places OK to park. The assumption is that if there are no lines, it is illegal to park there. However, there are many places where there are no lines, but by all appearances, it should be legal to park there.

Some consistency would be appreciated.

Also, on Sunset Avenue (here we go again!), is there any rationale for the extensive yellow “no parking” zones?

Tom Funkhouser


Gun ordinance: Edmonds now the new Seattle

Congratulations, my respectful Edmonds councilmembers.

You are becoming the new Seattle – and this is the very problem with this region in general. We have let the politics and the filth that Seattle spews on a daily basis now across the 205/244th county line, and I find this repulsive.

I grew up in Edmonds, attending Holy Rosary Church. I am an Eagle Scout, and have always been active member in this local community. You no longer represent the citizens. You represent what Seattle does, and a few liberals.

I hope someone is offended by this email. Yes. I am deeply upset. I wish I had been in attendance at this latest city council meeting and, yes, I do regret it. This still doesn't mean I can't be heard.

I grew up here since I was a child in 1989. I remember we used to have horses and chickens in my neck of the woods. I remember having that "Edmonds Kind of Day" like those bumper stickers you might have seen around the late 1990s.

Now you disgust me. All I see Edmonds doing is following the way of Seattle.

I'm a gun owner. I've attended my own classes. I lock up my guns on my own accord. All I see now is one more slice of our freedom taken away by government. You have gone too far. This is just one more liberal piece of agenda now requiring people to lock up their guns, "all in the name of safety."

Now you want to fine residents. Bottom line, this is the only form of gun control you can have because the state law, thank God, doesn't allow you to ban it. Otherwise, you would do everything in your power, just like Seattle tries to do.

What's next? An income tax in Edmonds for anyone making above minimum wage?

Matt Santi


Double, double, toil and trouble, mow, trim and blow

Last I recall, leaves fall in the fall.

It is midsummer and, on schedule, since early spring, people from a particular garden maintenance company visit at least three homes in my neighborhood: mow, trim and … leaf-blow with extremely noisy gas leave blowers.

Only there are no leaves to blow, just dust and what little grass trimming there is left on the sidewalk. It is as though the contract says, “mow, trim and blow” weekly. Even if there is nothing to mow, trim or blow … especially blow.

At one property, the leaf-blower person actually blows across bare soil, essentially removing what little new soil is being produced, further exposing tree roots to desiccation in the summer heat. That will kill the trees.

Also, they wear heavy ear protection, which I don’t.

They used to use leaf rakes. I have a gardener, and he mows when needed and uses a low-power blower when needed, which is much quieter and not producing noxious fumes and carbon dioxide. Let’s use common sense, use rakes and electric blowers, and apply garden and lawn equipment when and where needed, and not when and where not needed.

Better yet, in the fall, restore soil health by moving some of the fallen leaves onto the flowerbeds.

Free mulch.

Alan Mearns


Anyone seen Eddie Haskell?

The Beaver and Wally are volunteering at a cleanup.

Beaver: "Sure is dirty down in town today. Look at all the butts I've picked up. Why do people throw them on the ground?"

Wally: "I don't know, Beaver. They just do."

Beaver: "Why smoke? It costs a lot of money."

Wally: "Don't know that, either. I'm picking up garbage for the city. Sure makes the town clean. Glad you are helping me. Wait, what's that smell?"

Beaver looks at the bottom of his shoes. "EEWEE."

The moral here is clear. Be responsible for thoughts, beliefs and actions to keep our wonderful city clean and beautiful.

I scraped the sidewalk on Main Street on some already-stepped-in poop.


Frannie Cohen


How about a trim? Trees are blocking views

Just a thought for the Edmonds City Council from a homeowner: Not too many years ago, I moved into a third-floor condo on Fifth Avenue South. The view was pretty nice and open then, but trees have really grown out front now.

Homeowners pay premium taxes for view property.

Could there be a little more tree-trimming consideration in this town? Maybe more emphasis on some pretty plantings down Fifth Avenue South of some flowering trees rather than losing our views to these age-old, out of control trees blocking our view, that are so protected from removal?

I know that homeowners have been concerned about this issue over the years. Maybe it’s time to stir the waters again.

Linda Danielson



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