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Dec 31, 2015

Below is a response to three letters in the Dec. 24 issue of The Beacon [“Exploding train cars are a concern,” “Science denier, shill for oil companies … or both?” and “Letter writer’s Internet research is inaccurate.”] -Ed.

Editor, The Beacon:

The three letter writers responding to my Dec. 17 letter on the risk of oil trains did not respond to my points [“Fear of ‘exploding train cars’ is unfounded,” The Beacon, page 4, Dec. 17].

I wrote that I found no evidence of "deaths from exploding tank cars in America." Two writers cited a Canadian case, one cited two cases in America, which caused one injury total, and one cited an incident involving an electric train (no fuel!) with no injuries. My point stands.

I never said our firefighters weren't proactive. I quoted the Vancouver firefighters’ president who said his men lacked equipment and training to fight a fire at a facility not yet built.

In contrast to his lack of confidence in them, I affirmed their ability to get the training/equipment needed if the terminal is built.

One writer insisted carbon emissions are going up. If he checks the U.S. government's June 10 report by the Carbon Dioxide Analysis Center in Oak Ridge, he will find total U.S. 1995 fossil fuel emissions to be the same as 2011, the latest year with available data, which means per capita emissions are going down.


Bob Fretz,


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Posted by: steven d keeler | Jan 04, 2016 18:16

Mr. Fretz :

You waste logic and clarity on the shills for green peas and the sierra club few.  Their heads are too far stuck in the sand to process, let alone hear CURRENT atmospheric CO2 levels and the implications of such.


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