Plenty of dining options on the avenue

Obviously, if Fifth Avenue hasn't got it, you don't need it.
By John Owen | May 03, 2012

I hesitate to suggest that storm sewers aren't sexy.  But Fred Astaire did not refer to them when he warbled about "The Avenue. . . . Fifth Avenue."

If you haven't noticed workers have been tossing dirt and laying concrete in a Fifth Avenue beautification project paid for by private donors.

On its opening it will be officially known as  Hazel Miller Plaza, an oasis of flowers, bedding plants, bird baths  and benches.

The Resident Cheesemonger will relocate in this Old Milltown renovation.

The esteemed Mexican restaurant Las Brisas will  also relocate on Fifth Avenue on the street level of the building which previously housed Ace Hardware.

As Rick Steves notes in his restaurant recommendations for visitors to Edmonds, Las Brisas was "nearly hidden in the bland Harbor Square" location it presently  occupies.

The Milltown Lounge changed its name if not its location.

The former Flying Pig has probably been overlooked by many local residents, while hidden from view by the Hazel Miller construction.

But it shows promise and will probably bloom along with the flowers when the project is completed.

OK, only residents overcome by boosterism would liken Edmonds' Fifth Avenue to restaurant row in Santa Monica.

Still, the culinary lineup is pretty impressive with some recent additions like the Rusty Pelican at 107 Fifth Avenue North, already a popular spot for breakfast and for lunch with a dinner menu and hours still pending.

El Puerto is located at the Fifth and  Main Street intersection in the Fountain Circle.

Moving up Fifth Avenue, strollers will pass Starbuck's, Tully's and the Red Twig bakery and cafe.

Continuing up the avenue diners have a choice of two popular Italian restaurants, Giardi's Osteria and La Gallerie.

In that same block the Pancake Haus continues to pack in the breakfast crowds.

The deli at Petosa's is one of the city's most popular takeout sites.

Across the street Hamburger Harry's is a recent addition to the local restaurant scene.

Just past Baskin-Robbins is another of Edmonds' newest  gems, Baicha Tea House, which offers cups or pots of exotic teas and tasty luncheon choices in a classic and quiet Asian setting.

Obviously,  if Fifth Avenue hasn't got it, you don't need it.

I'm not suggesting you've gained a few pounds.  But it might be wise to skip the fudge crunch ice cream cake at Baskin-Robbins and have another cup of Thai tea at Baicha.

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