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Jun 12, 2018

Banning plastic straws a step toward healthier oceans

We’ve seen that Edmonds has approved a ban on plastic straws and are so excited (“Edmonds: It’s the last straw,” May 24). So many places and people are finally aware of single-use plastic pollution and want to make a change.

In the past two years, we have seen a surge in awareness and it is wonderful – we've been in business for seven years. We started doing markets over a year ago, and have noticed the difference from then to now on how people react to our booth, including in Edmonds recently for Spring Fest at Civic Field.

We also work with restaurants and establishments that are looking to make a switch away from plastic straws to a reusable option. We offer free glass straws for in-house use with our Ocean Friendly program.

Walnut Street Coffee in Edmonds has just joined our program and will soon have our glass straws for in-house use and for retail sale. We know that switching away from single-use plastic straws may seen intimidating at first, but it’s not. We are here to help, and will give you any tips we can to be successful at being plastic-straw-free.

We are excited for this change happening all over the world. It means our planet will soon become healthier and our oceans will be cleaner.

Kattie Blu
Granite Falls


News from the Edmonds dog park folks

A couple of issues have come up recently, and we want to share with you the information:

Drones are allowed in the city of Edmonds and are not regulated. There was a complaint recently that a drone was flying over Marina Beach and the dog park, and that it was freaking out some dogs.

Folks at the marsh have had the same complaint. Fortunately, these instances are very rare. So for now, we just have to deal with it.

We have received a couple of complaints about belligerent behavior by park users (not dogs), and so we ask: “Can we all just practice a little bit of kindness?” In this world, there is so much going on with many mean media stories about folks being rude and blah, blah, woof …. and so why not just try a little bit of “can we all just get along”?

Let this little beach be a peaceful, complaint-free zone.

After 14 years of us volunteers cutting grass and removing Scotch broom, we have asked the city of Edmonds to pick this venue up for us, as we are all getting old. Many of you have no idea what the park used to look like. But it was bad and you couldn’t even see the water. So, please be patient – park crews will come and weed-eat the fence line and far plateau.

We have had a few folks requesting to help in volunteering, and we are so happy to hear the news. Our group is small and we generally meet at Gallaghers’ Where-U-Brew on the second Thursday of every month from 7-8.

So, happy summer, and we hope to see you on Aug. 18 for the Poker Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt!

Alicia, Ann, Lori, Glenda, Diane, Julie, Kristie, Leslie and retired BB, Coco, Ted, Shay, Chris and Lorraine
Off-Leash Park Edmonds


Honest mistake or violation of the law?

Dear Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self: I have lived in Edmonds my entire life. My family came to Edmonds in 1904. I am an independent voter, and usually vote for the least offensive candidates on the ballot.

I just received your end of session report. I was happy to see the property tax cut for 2019. My taxes here were $700 when I bought my parents’ home. The tax is now $10,000. I really don’t see any improvements to justify this increase.

I was also shocked to see you blame the GOP for the most recent property tax increases. This is either an honest mistake or a violation of the state ethics laws. Using the State Printing office to send out false, disparaging remarks about the other party would be a violation.

Last year, the Democrats held the majority in the House, and they also had a Democratic governor. It would be impossible for the GOP to pass any such legislation as you suggest.

I called the Washington state Republican Party this morning. They were quite surprised to hear about your comments in this report. I am sure they will be contacting you in the near future.

Ed Caspers


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