Pedestrians beware of city crosswalks | Letter

May 29, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I am super saddened about the incident that happened on Fourth and Bell on May 20, with the woman that was hit in the crosswalk.

As a parent of a student that dances at Barclay Shelton (four times a week) and a person who runs all through Edmonds, I find there is a problem with our crosswalk system.

As I was walking to pick up my child from dance (as I hate driving there since there are always so many cars) around 6:30 p.m. on the evening of the 20th my daughter called for my husband.

She did not know what happened as she was waiting for us in front, but knew coming out of dance that something was seriously wrong on the corner.

This caused her great concern and wonder, and she was upset, thinking it might have been one of her dance friends.

I run in Edmonds on a regular basis. I wait at crosswalks for long periods of time where no cars will ever stop.

When I cross I am always on the lookout. I try and make contact with any driver before crossing.

At times, it is really hard to see if they are looking or not. On many occasions cars will not even stop at a stop sign, but plow through. I myself have almost lost my life on many occasions. What is going on here??

I live, eat and breath Edmonds, but feel there is such a lack of trust and respect at stop signs.

I would love to see more of the lighted crosswalk signs in Edmonds that drivers can see prior to getting to the stop.

We have so many students that travel from school to home or other activities, and as a parent, I would like to feel as if my child is safe to cross a street, in a crosswalk, and be safe.

This is all so disheartening. I know as an adult we can pay attention. I do my best to preach this to my own kids, but really, are our kids safe in Edmonds?

Is it safe in a crosswalk once you are in it? Do cars need to stop for those to pass in a crosswalk, or is it their right to blow right on by you?

What are the rules? And how is the city going to do a better job to notify the public, or ticket them, or put up better signage?

None of us want any life lost in a crosswalk! Come on! Let’s get it real!

Stephanie Schmutz

Concerned mom



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