Parents should set an example

By John Pierre | May 24, 2012

There are soccer moms and there are  soccer moms (and pops too).  Some are intensely involved in their sons and daughters activities on the soccer fields, but there are others who could use some remedial training in manners,  sportsmanship and parenting.

I don't know when or how the term "soccer moms" became one of derision but our friend, Tina at Claires  Pantry, is very much involved in her son's team, Shorewood High, which at the time of this writing, was having a perfect season with a long string of shut-out wins under their belts.

In one of the games, with a team that shall remain unnamed only because the young aspiring athletes should not be embarrassed by the obnoxious lack of manners displayed by their attending parents, resulted, though rude spectator remarks made it more difficult, in Shorewood once again winning the game in a shut-out.

The unruly, out-of-control crowd were parents of the team that was losing and they jeered and booed  the Shorewood players while shouting at their own team, "Get a goal ... get a  goal!"

They managed to become so out of control that the head referee finally had to stop the game and have some of them ejected from the playing field.

Some people need to learn to show some class during these competitive sports events involving kids who are working diligently to develop their sense of pride.

One can only imagine the lack of encouraging comments inflicted upon the losing team members on the long ride home in the family station wagon after the game.

It is fully understandable that team supporters should be excited and holler encouragement for their kids to perform well but there are times when they cross the line into obnoxosity!

Too bad that their kids must suffer from their lack of normal courtesy and manners.

A professional football game is another matter.  Those competitors are over-paid, multi-millionaire adults who are used to, and well paid for, handling the fan abuses and boos... but youth athletic competitions should be supported with the pride of the young competitors being the primary concern.

Let's give our young people a break!

Cheer them on but don't embarrass them.  The kids get my vote!  Go TEAM!!

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