Painted local doggie divas to debut at Cole Gallery

Apr 23, 2013
"You Talkin To Me" by Patty Forte

A recent census reported more dogs than children within Seattle’s city limits confirming the Northwest’s long-standing love and affection for our furry members of the family.

Doggie day spas, masseurs, dog-friendly yoga spots, and pup health food stores abound and service our dog obsessed local community.  It’s no wonder that our beloved canine friends should make fine art in our homes as well.

Award winning Northwest pastel and oil artist Patty Forte Linna brings a new show to Cole Gallery titled “Doggie Divas and the People Who Love Them” running May 4 to June 1 with a special opening day reception on May 4; dogs invited of course, with special give-a-ways by All the Best Pet Care in Edmonds.

“My inspiration came after finishing a café photo shoot on Capitol Hill,” Forte said. “I planned to paint the many scenes of people sipping coffee, hanging out with friends, and being typical cool Seattleites, but on my way home I saw a burly, hunk of a man who could have given Chuck Norris a run for his money, walking his little baby dog in a stylishly cute doggie coat.

“The image was so intriguing I immediately jumped on the brakes, flung out the door, and took pictures.  That began a spark for me.

“My next muse came when driving in Edmonds. I saw a young, petite woman walking her giant Bernese Mountain Dog.

“She had long brown hair and was dressed in gold, tan and black, exactly the colors of her dog.  I loved the thought of her subconsciously dressing to match her dog. Then the idea of painting pets and their people took full flight.”

Drawn by the concept of focusing on the pet’s perspective, Forte set to work on capturing the voice of our beloved pups instead of their owners.

Although you may see the fabulous shoes of the dog’s mom in the background, you visually hear the pet’s voice that brings humor, witty quips, and warm, gooey, exuberant love.

“There is an unusual twist for me for this show,” Forte  explained.  “For the first time I'm painting from a few photos that another artist took as well as my own.

Pat Brier, a wonderful local Edmonds artist and dog lover, provided some great shots to work from when she found out I was doing the show.”

To kick off Patty’s show, Cole Gallery (107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds) will be hosting a special opening “Dog Day Afternoon” beginning at 5:30 p.m. on May 4.

Dog’s dressed to impress or in their natural lush fur are invited along with their owners to par-take in the event.

All the Best Pet Care in Edmonds will be giving away 30 incredible coupon deals to the first 30 people who attend as well as providing dog treats for all.

Human goodies and refreshments will also be catered by the gallery.

If attending, be sure to wear your cute shoes as professional photographer Jim Linna of Appeal Studios will be taking photos to be used for possible commissions and just for fun.

Forte will also be teaching a workshop at Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery, on how to paint and draw your pet of choice in best light and style of your choosing on June 22 and 23, with an optional extra class on June 21.

All art supplies will be included.  Check out for more info.

To view “Doggie Divas and the People Who Love Them” and for more information on the show and show times, check out and email inquiries to


"It's rude to stare" by Patty Forte
"Urban Jungle" by Patty Forte
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