Open windows illustrate train noise

By Steve Rothschild | Aug 23, 2012


The warm weather recently brought home, literally, the noise coming from trains.

We live eight or so blocks from one of the crossings, and with the windows open, the train warning whistles disrupt sleep.

We were at the docks one night last week and a train came through and vibrations and whistles were really intense.  We also visit one of the businesses in Harbor Square regularly, and experience blocked traffic and noise often.

If the Port plan, which includes around 350 residences, relies on the success of the sale of those residences, the plan is flawed.  What potential resident would put up with the noise at such close range?

I can't see where it would make sense to purchase a residence in Harbor Square and I can see where a developer is left with unsold residences, no matter how hot the real estate market is.

Who is stuck at that point?

Just sayin'.


Steve Rothschild

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Aug 23, 2012 16:55

"What potential resident would put up with the noise at such close range?"

I suspect they will get the same type of residents who purchased property within a few blocks of the tracks in the last several decades.

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