Open house planned to discuss managing city’s tree cover

Jun 09, 2017

A public open house about managing the city’s trees will be held 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, June 22, in the third floor Brackett Room of City Hall, 121 Fifth Ave. North, Edmonds.

The first and last parts of the open house will allow people to view displays and talk informally.

A presentation at 7 p.m. will give information about the scope of the urban forest plan and next steps to develop it. Questions and comments are welcome.

“We want to share information and hear from people,” said Mayor Dave Earling, “about how the city’s urban forest— the trees and tree canopy—should be managed over the long term. For example, do we need more trees in some places? What kind? Should all trees be saved, no matter what?”

Development of an urban forest management plan for Edmonds is underway. It follows up on discussion from two years ago of a draft tree code that would have affected the planting and cutting of trees on private property.

When the City Council determined to not adopt the draft tree code, it confirmed that it wanted to find the right balance for managing trees, and to especially consider trees in the right of way and on public property.

An urban forest management could help do this.

Last year, a consulting firm, Davey Resource Group, was chosen to help develop an urban forest management plan for Edmonds. The firm has been gathering information from Tree Board members and city staff.

Now, broader public outreach is beginning.

The open house will show what’s been learned so far about the city’s tree canopy and managing trees in an urban environment.


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