One’s sexuality is not a ‘choice’ | Letter

Jul 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I really appreciated the article about the award given to Halei Watkins and Sen. Haugen by the Edmonds Unitarian Church [Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church stands on the side of love,” The Beacon, page 1, June 26].

It was an inspiring account of two people who worked for a goal based on their core values.

At the end of the article, Laura Daniali wrote that April Cook was excommunicated from the Lutheran Church because of  "her choices."

I suggest it would be more appropriate to say that she was excommunicated for who she is. One's sexuality is not a "choice" but is an inherent part of who they are.

Bruce Strasser


Editor’s note: In an interview with April Cook on June 16, she said, “I was educated in the Lutheran church, and excommunicated for my choice.” Her words were paraphrased for the story.

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