One Religion is Enough .

By steven d keeler | Nov 06, 2013
The collapse of the Copenhagen Summit, in December 2009, dealt a heavy blow to the cause of a worldwide agreement on global warming which is an essential prerequisite to the effective operation of emission trading schemes.  Without a pre Summit understanding between the Americans and the major emitters from amongst developing economies, the failure of that summit was inevitable.  Little attempt appeared to have been made by Washington to bring about such an understanding.


It is highly unlikely that a compact of that kind will ever be achieved.
Notwithstanding President Obama’s strong commitment to cap and trade in his State of the Union address in February of this year, there remains a bipartisan reluctance in the United States to embrace agreements of this kind. The Republicans get the bad press on this, but recall that back in 1998, during the Clinton Presidency, the US
Senate voted 95 - 0 against ratifying the Kyoto Agreement, unless it bound all the major emitters. And that was never going to happen.
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