OK, So which is it ?

By steven d keeler | Feb 12, 2014


…. and …. how is it we are usually told there is no hiatus in temps increasing ….. until someone comes up with an explanation for it, then suddenly it does exist …

2013  Here we show that a pronounced strengthening in Pacific trade winds over the past two decades—unprecedented in observations/reanalysis data and not captured by climate models—is sufficient to account for the cooling of the tropical Pacific and a substantial slowdown in surface warming through increased subsurface ocean heat uptake.


2006  The vast loop of winds that drives climate and ocean behavior across the tropical Pacific has weakened by 3.5% since the mid-1800s, and it may weaken another 10% by 2100, according to a study led by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) scientist Gabriel Vecchi. The study indicates that the only plausible explanation for the slowdown is human-induced climate change. The findings appear in the May 4 issue of Nature.

NO, we were right then

2010  Under the influence of global warming, the mean climate of the Pacific region will probably undergo significant changes. The tropical easterly trade winds are expected to weaken; surface ocean temperatures are expected to warm fastest near the equator and more slowly farther away; ...

Actually, this is the way it works

So we first had that global warming was causing weaker trade winds and now we have actually stronger trade winds causing global pause.  Maybe.   Fantastic.

The UCAR report attributes the weakening trade winds to human influence and predicts increased weakening of the trade winds… predicting 20% decline. This is a double fail: 1) according to England, winds have strengthened. 2) temperatures have not gone up.

Question for the enviroloons: Where is the human signature in all of this ?

Sounds like another missing fingerprint of GHG-driven warming. UCAR 2006 says GHG increases should slow down the Walker Circulation but England 2014 finds that trade winds have been speeding up as GHGs have been increasing. Thanks for this latest GHG/AGW falsification .

Oh, and there is no long term trend towards a weaker Walker Circulation. There is no trend at all, in fact.

Ah yes, I think I have it now … once again we introduce a NEW component to the ‘models’, a component conveniently overlooked until now, sort of a fail safe, in case the agenda needs one, and poof, the projections are back on track. Trade winds DATA, we don’t need no stinking data ! Oh, and please ignore Sea Surface Temp’s and the reclusive El Nino’s that are supposed to be ravaging the Western Pacific tropics.

Yep, this time, our ‘work’ is finished here …

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