Oh no!  Not my Prius

By Steven Keeler | Apr 22, 2013


Picture the Edmonds ecos exclaiming “wealthy Republicans are destroying the planet!” when they find their Prius driving next to a ‘one per-center’ in a BMW.

Per the EPA, the Toyota Prius ( 2012 ) generates 190 grams (g) of tailpipe CO2 emissions per mile driven (98020.)

Try the Atlanta zip of 30303 for your 2012 Prius - 220 g per mile driven.

Meanwhile the 2012 Honda Civic = 278 g per mile, 2013 Chevrolet Cruze = 293 g per mile and 2013 BMW 320i = 320 g per mile.

Find these figures at: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/.

Now, picture these same greenies consuming energy in order to produce the wealth that is taxed and those taxes then given to subsidize the vehicles price.

Add the CO2 emitted to actually produce the Prius (about twice vs the Civic.)

It's a good thing that CO2 is a trace gas, vital for life on this planet and "agenda" free.  Unlike the Edmonds ecos.


Steven Keeler

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Apr 22, 2013 09:48

Once again, Mr. Keeler clouds his argument with his withering contempt for those who disagree with him. Those of us who prefer quieter, cleaner cars that use less fuel are denigrated as “Ecos” and “Greenies” in Mr. Keeler’s usual style of smearing others to make his point. It’s the same impulse that shrouds the word “agenda” in sinister quotation marks – because, clearly, Mr. Keeler and his anti-environmental cohorts NEVER have an agenda!


It’s rather hard to decipher what the point of his diatribe is, other than to hit out at those deluded souls who prefer to work towards a cleaner planet and obscure the fact that yes, C02 is vital – but too much of it is damaging. As usual, Mr. Keeler sees half the picture and dismisses all the rest.


But thankfully, those deluded “Edmonds greenies” are joined by “greenies” and “ecos” all over the world who DO have an “agenda” – a cleaner, quieter, fairer world. I’m with the “ecos” and “greenies!” But let’s have the discussion without name-calling. We’re all in this together – even Mr. Keeler.

Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Apr 29, 2013 16:28

Just a note to call Mr. Keeler's attention to Mr. Livingston's interesting letter re: the Curmudgeon on coal trains.

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