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Aug 31, 2017

Beacon cartoon promotes hate and violence

Regarding the Beacon’s Aug. 24 editorial cartoon: Even after reading Chuck Sigars’ great article on satire and how people handle it – “some of them not particularly funny ways” – your “cartoon” showing Trump as half-KKK offended me.

It was not funny, and very offensive to our president.

This is the type of thing that only promotes more hate and violence in our country.

Deanna Pierce


U.S. House makes bipartisan progress on education

There has been great news on the education front.

A bipartisan – yes, Republicans and Democrats – resolution (House Res. 466) was introduced by Rep. Dave Reichert and has already been co-sponsored by 17 other members of the House from both parties, including Washington Reps. Larsen, Heck and Herrera Beutler.

This resolution is also supported by Congresswoman DelBene.

The focus of the resolution is to support the Global Partnership for Education, which targets getting all children in our world in school. Why not send a quick thank you note to the supporters of this resolution and encourage them to see it through? Bipartisan work is to be commended.

Willie Dickerson


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