“Now you see me, now you don’t.” The Elusive Larry Jeffers

What happened to Semantics Gallery?
May 09, 2013

The Edmonds Beacon was asked to print this article by Semantics Gallery in an attempt to let the public know what is happening at Semantics Gallery. While it doesn’t answer all the questions, it answers those that Larry Jeffers wanted answered. Our best to Larry, good luck in that retirement. – Ed.


It is clear from the myriad inquiries that the curiosity of the Edmonds art community is piqued. What really happened at Semantics Gallery?

Where’s Larry? Is he okay? Is a police investigation necessary?

As many of you may have noticed, our remodeling effort turned into a full-scale retirement at Semantics Gallery in downtown Edmonds.

Larry woke up one morning and suddenly realized he didn’t want to end up 85 years old, still hanging paintings in the gallery and dealing with the crazy artists.

Those artists who may take offense should be reminded he included himself in that lot.

From his own account, the gallery came to be as a sort of accidental experiment. It was originally intended to be a metalwork gallery, but evolved into a complex assortment of fine art objects as his colleagues who produced wall art asked to hang paintings in his empty space.

Never one to turn away a request, despite the occasional audacity of those requesting, his metal studio morphed into a destination for interesting and aesthetic things.

For many of us here in Edmonds, Larry was a beloved staple of the neighborhood, who we came to visit for information or advice as much as to see art.

Larry was a help and confidant to countless people, but his choice to leave without saying goodbye shows how little he realized the effect it might have on those who knew him. He didn’t want to endure endless rounds of goodbyes.

Many people will remember that Larry was not one for lengthy explanations.

All the friends and artists and community members who wish to connect with Larry will have to accept the quirky exit of the artist and man, an eccentric farewell into the sunset without goodbyes or regrets.

For those of us who want to say thank you for all he did to support our art, satisfaction must suffice with the knowledge that he did it with love in his heart and a generous, curious spirit.

Adventure and leisure have been primary on his mind over the past few months.

New novelties to enjoy have occupied his time. Looking at patterns in nature and observing the movements of people around him have become a new favorite distraction.

Exploring his love of creative cooking has blossomed to a new level. He has consumed much talk radio. Retirement becomes him.

The next phase is a grand expedition he has been planning for many years to his favorite place on earth, a beautiful desert setting to begin the next chapter of his life story, off the grid and in the heart of nature collecting rocks.

While the neighborhood will surely miss Larry at Semantics, the magic he shared will always carry on in our hearts.

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