Not To Worry - No CO2 Here .

By steven d keeler | Nov 17, 2013
Mt.  Sinabung, November 14, 2013, Sumatra, Indonesia




Talking about CO2 release from Volcanoes and associated volcanic lakes ... remember On August 21, 1986, possibly as the result of a landslide, Lake Nyos suddenly emitted a large cloud of CO2, which suffocated 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock in nearby towns and villages. Though not completely unprecedented, it was the first known large-scale asphyxiation caused by a natural event.

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Nov 25, 2013 17:14

Here's an NPR article about another natural event that might interest those interested in "green house gases."


U.S. May Be Producing 50 Percent More Methane Than EPA Thinks

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