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By steven d keeler | Dec 18, 2015
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The CAGW movement is not really serious. If one really believes that warming ( CO2 ) is going to destroy the Earth, then how can you reject a solution that is much less threatening ?


The Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Comment on the Draft Seventh Power Plan

To respond ( Plan 7 ) based upon CURRENT climate science is not enough, the council must also understand what green alarmist organizations attempt to do, in framing their comments.  Typical of this is this statement ( 1 ), take from and regarding :

Northwest Energy Coalition  -  Climate Change :

( 1 ) Human-induced global warming poses perhaps the greatest threat ever to our very survival and that of countless other plant and animal species across the globe. To achieve the cuts in emissions in carbon dioxide and other global-warming pollutants needed to avoid the most dire consequences of climate change, we must stop relying on carbon-emitting fossil-fueled power plants for our electricity.

And further ( 2 ) , taken from Plan 7 itself :

( 2 ) A key question for the plan was how the region could lower power system carbon dioxide emissions and at what costs.

In sales, the above two statements are called  the ‘assumptive close’ technique. Instead of trying to persuade the customer to buy, you immediately start discussing the price. By engaging in a mutual view where the sale ( pitch ) was assumed, you hope to deny customer the opportunity to reverse out of a sale.

The effect of a 10° C rise in sea temperatures would be disastrous on the supply of  Fish and Chips. Quite likely, but what is the likelihood of a 10° C rise in sea temperatures ? Oh - that is " ultra vires "  to my agenda !

In addition to the promotion of renewables ( wind and solar ) Plan 7 is propped up by  " catastrophic human CO2 caused, water vapor amplified global warming ".  Current satellite data sets for lower troposphere temperatures, Arctic and Antarctic ice extents and the very statements from the IPCC regarding the failures and uncertainties of Global climate models expose this " global warming " as a stark example of failure.  " Global warming " is nothing more than a consensus, and consensus is NOT science.  It is terribly unfortunate for the citizens of Northwest states that the 7th Plan Summary, final page, sets the same sort of tone that green alarmists organizations and the few others submitting here actively or passively amplify and support :  " I, We, my group has always fought – and will continue to fight – vigorously against nuclear power because it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity. The only solution is to halt the expansion of all nuclear power, and for the shutdown of existing plants. … "  At the same time,  the greens chant for renewable ( wind and solar ) energy while neglecting the damage and pollution these " solutions " bring as baggage.  They completely ignore the proven technical basis for why scaling these onto the national grid is / will be a failure and financially impossible.  Let the article, " Gates to double investment in renewable energy projects " make this clear for you :

Christopher Adams and John Thornhill  -  Financial Times,  June 25th, 2015

Bill Gates  -  " However, he argued that current technologies could only reduce global CO2 emissions at a “ beyond astronomical ” economic cost. "  “ There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all of our energy from renewables and be able to use battery storage in order to deal not only with the 24-hour cycle but also with long periods of time where it’s cloudy and you don’t have sun or you don’t have wind. "  “ Power is about reliability. We need to get something that works reliably.”

Given that " greens " like James Hansen, former NASA GISS director, think nuclear is an essential part of any plausible energy scenario, because renewables can’t be scaled up economically, and given that even Google engineers ( over a project span of several years ) couldn’t find a way to make renewables " work ", it now is much less than doubtful that renewables will  “ take off ”  anytime soon.  The federal budget agreement which appears to further extend tax credits for wind and solar,  only displays a substitution of " agenda " over rational thinking.  In spite of massive subsidies, both wind and solar are now well past 10 years of development ( mature ).  If renewables cannot prove themselves viable at this stage, without subsidies, they NEVER will.  Plan 7 should be completely rewritten and thus recognize that the ONLY solution for this regions future energy needs must come from existing and new hydro and new nuclear technology.  Two that should be fully supported by the states and a NEW plan 7 are :

1.  TerraPower aims to develop a sustainable and economic nuclear energy technology using:  The traveling wave reactor (TWR), which represents a new class of nuclear reactor. It is a near-term deployable, truly sustainable, globally scalable energy solution.

2.  Terrestrial Energy was founded in early 2013. Its business objective is to develop its patent-pending Integral Molten Salt Reactor (“IMSR”), and be ready for commercial deployment by next decade. The IMSR offers a completely new paradigm for civilian nuclear energy.

Also, has the council considered the takeaway from the fact that hundreds of thousands of State residents are NOT posting here ?   The public expects what Mr. Gates stated above :  “ Power is about reliability. We need to get something that works reliably.”

The true testament to the ecos in this region, an example of their stupidity being Washington state law defining hydro as NOT renewable, is that of further destruction to the regions historically reliable and stable power grid. To continue to promote solar and wind as a solution, as THE solution, is criminal, a crime against this region, it is that simple.

Bill Gates - New Thinking needed

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Given,  17 December,  2015

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