NOT SO GREEN  |  All on the rocks

By steven d keeler | May 24, 2017
Source: pixabay


The current understanding is that Earth’s climate is controlled over periods of millions of years by a natural thermostat related to the weathering of rocks.

“ What all this means is that in the very long term, our distant descendants can expect more warming for far longer if carbon dioxide levels and temperatures continue to rise , ” Catling said.


OH Boy ...


OR, just maybe a cycling mechansim ...


Yes, once again, the usual disclaimer, you know, It's worse than we thought OR any consequences are always due to CO2 !

Well it’s nice they got their model together and the elephant is happily waving his trunk, but how about running some experiments to determine what the equilibrium constants are for the actual reaction of CO2-laden air with various minerals ? You know, some empirical meat to go with that huge amount of model salad.

So if they’re wrong, because unverified models are virtually useless at predicting the future and the authors seem to have ignored all other possible natural climate drivers, then this is pointless speculation that cannot be proven or refuted. If they’re right ( slim chance ) our distant descendants can revel in the tropical atmosphere once enjoyed only by giant lizards and ferns without a lengthy trip to the equator. Sunscreen will be at a premium.

Maybe that's the only point here .....

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Posted by: Jennifer Wallace | May 25, 2017 16:12

Hi Steve, just out of curiosity, how do you know so much about climate change? I ask because I'm a professional chemist and wonder if your training was paid for by Exxon. In the event you were looking for some, ahem, accurate scientific educational materials, I can direct you to some free University resources.

Thank you for this illuminating regurgitation of propaganda aimed at gutting federal regulations. Edmonds looks forward to your continuing education.



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