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By steven d keeler | Feb 06, 2016
Source: John R Christy


( 2 )  How well do we understand climate change  ?

A  critical scientific goal in  our  era is  to  determine  whether  emissions  from  human activities  impact  the  climate  and if  so by  how  much. This  is  made  especially  difficult because we know the climate system already is subject to significant changes without the influence of humans.  Because there is no measuring device that explicitly determines the cause of the climate changes we can measure, such as temperature, our science must take a different approach to seek understanding as to what causes the changes, i.e. how much is  natural  and  how  much  is  human  induced. The  basic  approach  today utilizes climate models.  ( The projections of these models are being utilized for carbon policies as well. )

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