Not just a done deal, a good deal

May 08, 2014


In your May 1 edition, Bill Brougher rightly pointed out that the Five Corners Roundabout is a done deal.

In my view it is also a good deal, a very good deal. It seems that I am close to being a lone voice, and I meant to speak up far earlier.

When I first heard about the project, I was pleased that what is now something of a vast canyon would become an aesthetic focal point in my neighborhood.

I also looked forward to traffic flowing rather than stopping and going as well as what I was sure would be provisions for pedestrian safety.

Crossing the street on foot from the NE corner to the NW corner can be a harrowing adventure, especially at night.

That 60-foot span makes it difficult to make eye contact with drivers, and requires drivers to pay attention to five other players rather than four in determining whose turn is next.

I attended meetings about the project and participated in opportunities for citizen input.

As I learned more, my enthusiasm grew. I take seriously my responsibility to help deflect global warming, and I am pleased to know that my community is doing the same.

For this project will help diminish carbon emissions and the deposit of toxic brake fluid.

And yes, pedestrian safety is one of the major considerations in the project’s design.

I don’t look forward to the construction, but I do look forward to crossing much shorter spans in a more visually appealing, environmentally friendly intersection as well as moving more swiftly and confidently when I’m driving.

Jean M Patterson


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