No headlights drives others to distraction… and into danger

By John Pierre | Nov 20, 2013

A few weeks ago we, in Edmonds and other nearby communities, experienced some fairly dense fog for several days running.

Driving in it, though I would have preferred not to have to and would not have except that groceries are necessary to healthy life, was fairly treacherous even for the most careful of operators of autos.

I found it necessary to slow down, especially when I came upon a dense blanket of fog, such as seems to happen in low places such as 196th and 80th.  Even with my lights on, driving was a task.

I noticed other drivers were also slowing down as vision was greatly impaired.  Everyone seemed to be willing to accommodate the poor vision situation, and all of them had their lights on EXCEPT a few knotheads who came rip-snortin' by the rest of us with NO lights... not even parking lights.

I guess they must have been thinking that if they could see a few feet ahead it was OK to run without lights.  They must not realize that no one else is able to see them.

The same, to a lesser degree, happens at dusk.  These morons seem to figure that if they can see well enough to plot their course, everything is copasetic.  Not one of them has enough gray matter to realize that other motorists can’t see them, with the result that they present a clear and present danger to others on busy Edmonds streets.

It appears that a few of Edmonds' drivers could use a remedial driving test before someone is injured due to their lack of lights along with other poor driving habits, such as following too close, to show their disdain for the safety of others.

Where do these maniacs get their driver's licenses?  Through some online site?  It can't be from the Sears and Roebuck catalog because they quit publishing that valuable book some years ago.

Turn your lights on, morons.  Make traveling safer for all of us.

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